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:Technology Entrepreneurship Development Program:

National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB),
Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi


With Support From
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad

"PC Maintenance & Networking"

Duration: 6 Weeks ( 22nd Dec. 2008 to 1st Feb. 2009 )

Training Curriculum

Technical + Technopreneurship Training


Technical Training

A.                 PC Maintenance

1.                  PC systems and Configuration

PC Motherboard, Bus

BIOS, Memory, Interface

2.                  Memory Devices

HDD, CD and Pendrive etc

3.                  Physical drive installation and configuration

4.                  PC Installation, power supply, Chassis etc.

5.                  Peripheral Devices

Printers, Scanners, VDUs, Multimedia components,

Modems etc.

6.                  PC diagnostic, test and maintenance

Diagnostic softwares

Power on Self test

Hardware diagnostic

7.                  PC Maintenance Tools

Hand Tools

Soldering and De-soldering

Test equipments and its use

Special tools

8.                  Preventive Maintenance

9.                  Basic Trouble shooting

10.             Dismantling and Assembly of complete PC

B.                Networking

1.                  Networking Basics

Network Communications, LAN, WAN, Wi Fi etc.

2.                  Networking Hardware

Cables, topologies, types, Network interface adaptors, Hubs etc.

3.                  Networking Softwares

Windows NT, Windows 2000 etc.

4.                  Network Protocols

Data link, IP, and TCP IP etc.

5.                  Installing Network

6.                  Network Maintenance

7.                  Network troubleshooting

8.                  Tools

Indicators, wire map testers etc.

9.                  Network testing

10.             Troubleshooting of networking


Technopreneurship Training


1.          Entrepreneurship and schemes of assistance

2.          Project Selection and its feasibility

3.         Consolidation of Project Ideas

4.         Motivational Input

5.         Project Report preparation

6.         Management Inputs


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Prof. Dipak Tatpuje
Project Director - TEDP
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Shri Vinayak Toraskar
Project Officer - TEDP

Shri Shreyas Phase, (EDII Trained Faculty)
Faculty: Technopreneurship Training
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